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David Inman Opticians understand the importance of children’s eye health.


We offer free NHS eye tests to children under sixteen, and students eighteen and below (subject to NHS terms) with free standard single-vision lenses available on the NHS voucher subject to terms and conditions.


Our Opticians are fully accredited to offer advice and a solution to children who are myopic (short-sighted) and want to slow down the rate of change in their prescription.

Childrens eyewear at David Inman


Myopia is one of the biggest challenges in the industry with more children being diagnosed with Myopia due to reduction in time outdoors and a significant increase in close tasks such as looking at tablets and phones.


The increase in close tasks promotes growth of the eye which in turn makes the eye more short sighted giving difficulties in distance vision.


Reducing the rate of sight change not only means the child will have more functional vision in adulthood but more importantly significantly reduces the risk of associated eye diseases such as Glaucoma and Macular and retinal disease reducing the need for hospital treatment. 

Boy wearing Essilor Stellest lenses


We offer Misight (Cooper Vision) contact lenses, Stellest® (Essilor) and Miyosmart (Hoya) spectacle lenses on one of our care plans. These solutions give clear vision at all distances and feature groundbreaking technology to slow down growth of the eye.


On average, these products could reduce the rate of change in Myopia by sixty percent. 


We offer Myopia control solutions on a direct debit plan which include six monthly examinations including an Optomap retinal scan as standard to detect and monitor retinal changes. 

The Essilor® Stellest™ plan is suitable for under sixteen with myopic / shortsighted prescriptions

If you would like to book an appointment, or join the Essilor® Stellest™ Eye Care Plan, please call us to speak to a member of our reception team.

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